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Welcome Friends to the Temple of the Silver Sword


We are a legally recognized Wiccan temple which incorporated in the state of Utah on February 19, 2010. We offer various services including Handfasting, Ministerial Counseling, Seasonal Learning Circles, Wicca 1st through 4th Degree training, Blessings, and more. 


The Temple of the Silver Sword is a place where those from different traditions and beliefs within the Pagan community can come together and learn from each other. The Temple provides a safe environment for those exploring their religious beliefs and helps individuals to discuss them openly and get help and support from the Pagan community. We are not here to convert others to our religious beliefs. We are a Pagan organization, however, we are accepting of individuals from other faith systems who wish to learn about us or socialize with us( in fact we love that, come talk to us!). We only ask that you be respectful of our beliefs, as we will be respectful of others. We wish to help promote understanding and respect between different belief systems and expand the community's knowledge of whom and what we are.

See the History page for more background. 

Currently, we hold a weekly coffee social designed to allow people to get to know others within our Pagan community. These coffee nights are relaxed and social rather than geared specifically to teaching. We also hold, during the summer months, a bi-monthly learning circle in a local park. These are open to all who wish to attend and are family friendly (as is the coffee night). We request if you have young children and are attending Circle that you please bring something for the kids to amuse themselves with during the teaching part of the evening. These coffee nights are held at 3005 Harrison Blvd, Ogden, UT.


Please keep an eye on the web site as we are continuing to add more articles and information on a very frequent basis. If there is something you would like to see added please feel free to contact us. Blessings  Lady Guen



Merry Meet Everyone,
19 October, 2014
There are ongoing updates being performed to the webpage over the next little while. If anyone has suggestions as to what they wish to see added please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
23 September, 2013
Reiki services offered by Elder Mel Bragg have been added under the services section
Mabon Altar 2013 pictures are up.
22 August, 2013
Well, 7 hours or more later I finally have all the pictures organized in the backend of the website so I won't completely pull out my hair. While organizing the images into their appropriate folders I noticed that we are missing pictures from Lugh 2011 and Lugh 2012 plus any other Full Moons which may have had pictures taken at. If anyone has pictures from these events please email them to me, it would be greatly appreciated. The same if some of you have extra pictures from the various rituals which already have images in their files. Also a note to registered members of this website... formerly there was a section within the photo gallery which was for user pictures only and could only be viewed by registered members. I have removed the section. I have the pictures saved which were placed there however, I will not be putting them back on the webpage.
Pictures from Mabon 2012, Samhain 2012, Yule 2012, and August 2013 Full Moon have been added to their categories in the Photo Gallery. 
07 August, 2013 
New pictures from various rituals have been added in the photo gallery. There have been pictures of the altars from Ostara, June's full moon and Litha, 2013 as well as pictures from Lammas 2013 including images of our warrior priest battling his opponent. More to come.

01 July, 2013

More updates have been made to the webpage in our services section. In addition to the handfasting information and pricing we now have the price listing for the majority of our other services as well as copies of the contracts required to be signed.

30 June, 2013

Our price listing and the general information with regards to handfastings and wedding ceremonies is now available. You can find this information listed under the Services menu item. We will be adding a copy of the contract this coming week as well as the section on other services provided as well as their pricing. 

20 June, 2013  

My appologies for the lengthy delay in updating the webpage. We have had many things going on in the last year. 

The Temple is currently accepting donations of items which will be forwarded to the coven run by Silver Ravenwolf to be sent to pagans who have suffered a loss in Oklahoma in the last tornado. We are hoping to send everything by the beginning of July so there is still time to get some items to us if you so desire. You can drop anything you wish to donate off at the friday night coffee or one of the rituals.

I am pleased to announce that Austin Toney has successfully completed his 2nd degree Wiccan exam and is now working on his 3rd degree. He has been teaching several of our younger members and has been working on one of his minor works which is to do a full wheel of the full moons. He has also successfully finished his training in his ministerial studies and is now a registered minister with the Temple. Congratulations Austin.

Dave Owens has also successfully completed his ministerial training with the Temple and is now a registered minister with us. Congratulations Dave.

We will be having several learning circles coming up over the summer. These will be announced as dates are set for them. We are intending to do a learning circle on chanting and drumming. We are also hopefully going to be able to have one for Spiral Dancing. 

Congratulations to Jason and Tiffany on the birth of their son Gabriel. 

There have been some changes to our board of directors. There are two new temporary appointments Austin Toney and Dave Owens who are replacing Jason Earnhart and Amy Williams. An AGM will be held towards the end of July to confirm the appointments as well as to deal with any other issues which may be needed.

Unfortunately, due to time and other factors I have let the pagan newsletter fall by the wayside. I am hoping to be able to start that up once again in the near future. Anyone who is wishing to have an article added to a future newsletter please sent it to me via email to be added. There is no limitation on topics so long as it is pagan or spiritual based.

I will be updating the webpage as I am able to over the next little while to include all of our handfasting information. Updates have been made to the Board members page (under the About Us link) as well as our Supporters page.


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